Read this first! Ok Folks, as promised we are laying down the rules for Bolts Club.

  1. Bolts Club is a competition app that helps determine who did the best trick at a specific spot, that means that in order to win we need at least two trick footages from different people in the same spot.
  2. The regular money prize ranges between 5$ - 100$ but in special occasions we might bump it much higher, we will notify you on this page once we decide to make a special competition.
  3. As noted before we have a trick level threshold, we do not promise giving anyone or everyone the prize money this is solely to our discretion, however if you follow the app and page you will see people getting prizes.
  4. The winner's score is a combination of "Slays" (likes) and our judges score. This score will be final and there will be no way to change it or dispute it.
  5. Please give us time to go over all the tricks posted and announce the winners, so take it easy with the messages and so on.
  6. In order to get the prize the winner must post a .jpg image we will send him, only then will the payment be released.
  7. In order to compete you must be 17+ and of course approve our terms and conditions. Make sure you read the terms and conditions.
  8. Please skate only in your limits, you can win with a cool trick. We will not allow crazy stunts that are not part of the day to day practice. So no jumping from cars or other irrelevant stuff.
  9. The person doing the trick needs to be the person loading the trick footage, otherwise the person loading it will get the prize, so make sure that you ask your friends to send you the footage and you will need to load it yourself, under you own profile.
  10. Prizes will be send by PayPal only, make sure you have an account (or open one if you win).
  11. These rules may change from time to time.
  12. Kill it. Win it